Perl 6 VIP: a Very Installable Perl

Yey! It's 2017.04.15, and turns out some of you rememberd the promised date, so... where are the downloadables?

Unfortunately, maybe 2 months away. I underestimated how much work I'll be doing with my Perl 6 IO Grant (see my Feb and March reports). In fact, I'm just about a week or so from finishing it up. Once I'm done with it, I'll start taking care of all the plans and ideas I wanted to do in the past 3 months—including Perl 6 VIP.

However, I can at the very least reveal what Perl 6 VIP is. VIP stands for "Very Installable Perl". It will be a Perl 6 distribution, released monthly, following the monthly compiler releases. It will be the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler, zef module installer, and camelion batch module install utility. Once mature enough, the p6doc doc reading utility will be included with the release as well.

VIP will occupy the niche between rakudobrew and Rakudo Star. Something that gives you the latest and greatest compiler, but without you running whatever random and untested development commit ended up to be there when you ran the installer and without all the caveats rakudobrew has when it comes to installing binaries. Something that's aimed at end users, but doesn't come included with dozens of megabytes of download and installation time of modules you'll never use; using camelion, users will be able to download must-have modules by area of development (e.g. "web dev" or "game dev") as well as create their personalized module collections they can install on any computer.

I also highly dislike the look, structure, and accessibility of In the past, my attempts to rectify those issues were met with pushback, so I'll also be making my own version of the docs site. It will use the same POD6 documents the original site uses, but will assemble them entirely different. I'm hoping I'll like the new site, but considering it'll still be dependent on old site's data, my mileage may vary.

So that's my plans for Perl 6 VIP. I'm hoping to have the first release avalable June 17th or July 15th—the dates upcomping Rakudo releases will be released on. Hopefully, the above excited enough people that I'd have some users when the first release happens. Until then \o.

— Zoffix Znet